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KFC’s New Video Game Lets You Big Date Colonel Sanders

KFC’s New Video Game Lets You Big Date Colonel Sanders

The simulation drops professionals into a cooking class where they are going to see a good looking, goateed classmate.

Before this present year, Computer Gamer punched some rates into the calculator and approximated there had been above 30,000 video games available on Steam. That quantity has definitely improved since January, but we’re nevertheless 100% secure as soon as we say that there’s singular — ONE! — games regarding the entire platform that requires attempting to straight-up romance late KFC creator Colonel Harland Sanders.

KFC simply established the coming discharge of a choose-your-own-adventure design sim labeled as “I adore You Colonel Sanders! a little finger Lickin’ Effective relationships simulation” (No, we aren’t producing any of this upwards, and indeed, we’re as astonished as you are to see the text ‘Colonel Sanders’ and ‘Dating simulation’ in the same phrase). If you are the kind of one who’s always lowkey got something for males with sequence bend ties, you then’re in luck, considering that the online game is certainly caused by about hoping to get with a chiseled, prematurely gray — but definitely nonetheless alive — version of Corbin, Kentucky’s initial thirst-trap.

Your personality in ILYCS are a “promising youthful scholar” from the college of Cooking School: Academy For Learning, and you’ll need certainly to handle the daily demands of cooking class while trying to manage a red-eyed arch-rival known as Aeshleigh whom “may any such thing she wants.” In addition, one of your professors is actually your dog.

But mostly you’re trying to connect with Anime Sanders. “The suave Colonel Sanders, within his signature all-white suit and folded-to-perfection bowtie, additionally joins the culinary class to set about his trip of becoming the world’s biggest deep-fried poultry salesman, adding to your own directory of problems,” KFC discussed.